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Faction Overlord is a PC multiplayer game which leverages an incremental match-3 base
mechanic to trigger interactions between players.


We're starting a weekly Faction Overlord devstream | 16th February 2016
This Wednesday 24th February we'll be broadcasting our very first Faction Overlord live devstream! Read more
Let there be art...style | 16th December 2015
Last week we finally nailed down the art style for Faction Overlord. It is (intentionally) completely different from what we were working with so far. Read more
Faction Overlord is now in open development | 9th November 2015
We've finally taken the plunge. As of right now, Faction Overlord will be available for everyone to download for free all throughout its development. Read more
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We still need to add screenshots and in-game art to this website. Meanwhile, here's a small preview of some concept art which we're experimenting with:

Elementals concept art

Summoning all Overlords!

Faction Overlord is in open development and game builds will be free throughout this period.

However if you'd like to support us throughout development you can add a small donation and enjoy a few perks we've set up for you!
Download the game (free) – Thank you, Patron!
  • Access to Faction Overlord as it is being developed, with new builds being uploaded regularly
  • Access to the public community forums
  • Regular behind-the-scenes updates on our progress
  • Be a part of the creative process and have an influence on the game itself
  • Our eternal gratitude for having your support so early on
$2.00 or more – Thank you, Disciple!
  • Your name in the credits (in-game and online)
  • + all of the above
$5.00 or more – Thank you, Devotee!
  • Access to our live internal task list and issue tracker, showing our day-to-day progress and any upcoming features
  • + all of the above
$10.00 or more – Thank you, Zealot!
  • A free digital download of the full game on completion
  • Contribute your own witticism or bon mot as flavour text to be included within the game (subject to final approval)
  • + all of the above
$25.00 or more – Thank you, Champion!
  • A SECOND free digital download of the full game on completion
  • A digital "Making-of Faction Overlord" art and game design publication with early concept art, alternate game versions, game art, facts and figures, stories, anecdotes and photos (This will be created and distributed when the full game has been completed)
  • + all of the above

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